If you’re question hasn’t been answered via our FAQ’s, then it’s time to contact us for direct help. We have two methods to contact our support services and we try to respond to every request within 24 hours – and usually a lot less time than that.


In-App Support Request

First, if you do have access to Chronic Pain Tracker on your device, go to the Settings menu and tap the “Send E-mail to Support Team” option.

This option will generate an e-mail that includes our support e-mail address and some valuable diagnostic information about the device and app. This information is quite helpful for us when we’re trying to understand your issue. It does not include any of your personal diary data though.

A sample of this template is shown here. Just enter your questions and/or a description of the problem you’re experiencing and tap send.

Web Portal Support Request

Now, if you are unable to send e-mail from your device or for some reason you can’t access the Settings menu within the app, then you should submit a support request through our web based Support Ticket system. It’s easy to do and will go straight to the same folks that answer the app generated support requests.

We have recently upgraded our Support Ticket technology, so the page to open and view your Support Tickets has been moved. Just click the links in this paragraph and you’ll be taken to the new Support Tickets page.